Main Boilers Guide

The purpose of Main Boilers Guide website creation was the idea of sharing historical knowledge both technical and commercial about Main Boilers. You will find here information about troubleshooting, parts replacement, model compare tables as well as general information. We also gave an option for exchanging your experiences and asking questions on our forum.

Main Boilers are present on the UK market for over 75 years. It was always a heating appliance manufacturing company. Main boilers are known by its simple design, simple usage and good quality versus not high price. In last years company released new series of an A efficiency Eco Elite Range boilers that meet latest governmental standards and customer’s growing needs. All Main Boilers are recommended by The Energy Serving Trust and Main Combi 25 Eco Elite model gained five star award in 2015 for its efficiency.

Main Boilers produces gas boilers (combi, system, heat only and water heaters), unvented cylinders, solar heating and boiler replacements. Company provides with a standard 5 year guarantee for parts and labor and up to two years warranty for spare parts. All boilers Combi Eco Elite boilers don’t require compartment ventilation thanks to which they can be installed almost anywhere. You can combain most of Main Boiler models with Main Solar Heating solutions thanks to which your electricity, not only gas bills will be lower.

Standard Main Boiler models require around half a day installation. Efficiency rate is either A (Eco Elite Series) or B (all the other) and there are few outputs you can choose from: 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kw, 25kW, 28 kW,30kW , depending on size of your apartment and your personal/family heating/hot water needs. All Main boiler models received Best- Class 5 in NOx emissions.

Selecting a Main brand

If you are interested in purchasing a new model or/and replacing your old boiler you will find useful technical information in model compare section of this webpage. However if the information included there is too technical and you would like someone to visit your house and help you choose what’s best for you, do not hesitate to contact a seller. Good boiler technician will be able to find you a Main boiler that will serve your house/family needs. You need to remember than not only or hot water/heating demand counts but also technical things like type of heating, type and size of building, its isolation etc. Whenever you will need to troubleshoot you will find valuable information here and all you need to know about spare parts can be found here. Generally repair parts are cheap and should be replaced when faulty.

Main Combi, Combi Eco and Main Heat only boilers may experience some of most common boiler issues which we listed below:

  • Main Combi 24HE boiler sometimes has an issue with very luke warm water and it is leaking from the bottom – that can be easily solved by replacing a flow switch
  • Main Mersey Super multipoint water sometimes makes very loud noise that can be easily fixed with the automatic valve replacement
  • Main Combi 25 Eco Elite sometimes radiators will get hot when hot tap water is opened that can be fixed by hydraulic venturi replacement
  • Other common problems include but not limited to: water leaks due to bad flow switch, too low system pressure due to faulty flow switch and strange noises due to faulty valve

Attention!!! Only Gas Safe Registered technicians are allowed to work on Main Boilers. Whenever there is an issue with your boiler contact customer service team immediately. Remember that a best solution for all problems with your boiler that is still under warranty period is appliance return to the manufacturer or/and shop. In those instances new boiler is free of charge. Your Main Boiler model will arrive with an Owner’s Manual. Whenever you search for more detailed information feel free to read our forum /FAQ