Main ECO 30 Combi boiler’s faulty gas controller

Hi Guys,

I desperately need your help in order to fix a problem, which my three years old Main ECO 30 combi boiler is having now days. The gas controller of the Main ECO 30 Combi boiler is not responding and just because of that reason, I am not having the gas. Please guide me that what should I do?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Mark, the sole purpose of the boiler’s gas controller is to manage and control the required flow of the gas, which is coming to the boiler’s pilot light and burner. From time to time, the gas controller shows some problems and thus, it failed to work properly. The some common reasons behind the faulty or defective gas controller are as follows:

  1. Seized or congested
  2. Faulty or damaged unit
  3. Different unforeseen problems in the boiler’s wirings and connections
  4. Faulty PCB

It is advised to call a Main boiler’s engineer for instant help

Main Heat 12 boiler PCB is not responding

Hello Everyone,

My five years old Main Heat 12 boiler is behaving weirdly due to its PCB, which is not responding like from two-three days. Moreover, the display panel of the Main heat 12 boiler is not having the needed power. Someone please help me to get rid of this irritating problem.

Thanks a lot for kind Help and suggestions


Hi Peter,

PCB is considered as an extremely important and precious part of any boiler because the PCB manages and controls the different electrical devices. You cannot find the errors in your Main heat 12 boiler easily just due to number of things that are liable for this problem. The tested and recommended way-out is to seek advice from an experienced boiler engineer.Â

Main Combi 24 HE boiler burner’s loud ignition

Hi All,

I have purchased a Main Combi 24 HE boiler two years ago. The problem, which I have to face, is a loud ignition as the boiler tries to catch the fire. What should I do?



Hi Alexander, this problem is extremely common in different models of the Main Boilers. Usually, this issue arises due to some major reasons such as:

  1. Higher pressure of a needed supply of gas
  2. Wrong adjustment of the air and gas
  3. Ignition gap is not correct along with weak spark

You have to focus on each reason separately to fix each one thoroughly. In order to fix them skillfully, you can contact a professional Main boiler engineer.

Main Mersey Super boiler’s expansion tank is not working


Someone please help me regarding an issue of the four years old Main Mersey super boiler, which is overflowing continuously from last night. Before this, the boiler was working properly but now, it has stopped working & it becomes difficult for me to fix this issue alone. So, tell me the method of fixing this problem.

Thanks a lot for your kind help


Hi Ben, when the expansion tank leaks water towards outside then, I must say that the boiler’s ballcock is out of order or damaged & it have need of a seal replacement. Nevertheless, firstly you have to check the water, which is coming out of the boiler either it, is hot or cold. If the water is extremely hot then, be cautious because it is a serious problem. You can fix this issue easily by replacing the ballcock seal but with the help of a skilled Main boiler engineer.


Main Heat 12 boiler lockout

Hi Folks,

My newly bought and installed Main Heat 12 boiler is locking out a lot. As I shared that, my boiler is quite new but I have faced this problem many times. The boiler is under warranty, should I call a service center or replace the boiler? Moreover, I have restarted the boiler but as I turned it on, the boiler immediately goes to a lockout state. Please help me because I am extremely worried.



Hi Tony, the boiler goes to in a lockout state due to several unforeseen reasons. When the boiler lockouts as you press a reset button then, it is possibly because of the control or wiring issue. You cannot fix it on your own therefore; call a proficient Main boiler engineer.

Main Eco Elite System 28 noisy pipes

Hello Everybody,

My three years old Main Eco Elite 28 system is producing the weird banging sounds. When I checked the boiler, I came to know that pipes are producing these sounds. After several unsuccessful attempts at fixing the problem, I am here to seek advice.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Ellen, this problem originates due to the presence of several reasons, which usually arise when your boiler overheats frequently such as:

  1. Jammed chimney
  2. Sludge buildup
  3. Damaged thermostat
  4. Insufficient amount of water in your boilerÂ

The best way out is to get the Main Eco boiler serviced on a regular basis. Apart from this, as it is impossible for you to fix this problem at home therefore, do call a skilled boiler engineer for detailed examination.Â

Promax Combi HE Plus boiler no power


I have a two years old Promax Combi HE Plus boiler. Well, the boiler always worked well & I have not faced the major issues especially with respect to the performance & output. However, from last few hours I am facing few problems as I turned it on. My Promax combi HE Plus boiler has no power. According to my knowledge, everything is fine. Here, I would request the skilled persons to help me

Waiting for the Valuable Suggestions


Hi Dave, it is an extremely common problem and the majority of the boiler owners face it. You have to focus on the most important whys and wherefores behind this problem like:

  1. Blown fuse
  2. Faulty or damaged PCB
  3. Tripped RCD
  4. Power breakdown
  5. Out of order fused spur

Before considering & working on the main issue it is advised to find out the actual reason, which is causing this problem. For this purpose, you can call a boiler engineer.

Main Mersey Super boiler frozen condensate pipes

Hello Everyone,

I have a Main Mersey Super boiler, which is nearly four years old. From last few days, I doubt that the condensate pipes of the boiler are frozen. Due to this, the boiler is not working properly. Someone please help me to fix this issue and make the boiler work again properly.

Thank you so much


Hi Rebeca,

Generally, the purpose of the condensate pipe is to transport water to the drain outside. It simply means that because of its location condensate pipe is at a chance of freezing out throughout the extreme weather conditions. It is recommended to check the boiler regularly in colder months. Well, for fixing the problem you have to pour the warm water on the condensate pipe to thaw out all the frozen water slowly. Nevertheless, if you feel unsure or unqualified feel free to contact a proficient Main boiler’s engineer.

Main Eco 30 Combi boiler illuminating error 110

Hi Guys,

My five years old Main Eco 30 combi boiler is illuminating a 110-error code since last night. I have tried to fix it after consulting the Main boiler’s user guide but no success. Has someone faced this issue earlier if yes then please tell me the ways of fixing this issue.

Waiting for your response


Hi Jen,

An error 110 deals with the faulty thermostat according to the Main boiler’s user manual. At times, an out of order thermostat can cause several issues in an otherwise strong system. In order to fix this problem, check the thermostat settings. In case the settings are correct but temperature is inaccurate then, it is better to replace the thermostat to prevent further loss.

Main Combi 24 HE boiler no pilot light

Hello All,

I have purchased and installed a Main Combi 24 HE boiler three years ago. The boiler is giving me a tough time from last two days. I am unable to understand the actual reason behind it. The main combi boiler has no pilot light. The boiler works for a few minutes as I restart it. However, it is not an ultimate solution. Someone please help me



Hi Robinson, if the problem with your Main combi 24 HE boiler is the lack of a flame detection then, you have to take it seriously. There are several potential ins and outs behind this issue however; most probably, it is because of a jammed pilot jet. On the other hand, it is difficult to diagnose this problem effortlessly. Therefore, it is better to call a skilled Main boiler engineer & ask him to dismantle your boiler for cleaning the pilot jet. He will be in a better position to check the boiler in detail.