Boiler Types and Efficiency

Boiler efficiency is a percentage difference between energy that was supplied to the boiler and energy output produced by boiler. Higher the efficiency is better the boiler is, and cost of heating and/or hot water is cheaper. Nowadays new boiler have efficiencies at the level of 80-90%. If you want you can check the efficiency of your current boiler at the official official SEDBUK site. In standard home up to one third of the gas bill amount is generated by your boiler. You can reduce this amount significantly if you replace your old boiler with a new A class Main Eco Boiler. Purchase of a new boiler should also be considered in instances where your old boiler starts to break, and you need to invest money without having a guarantee how long it will last. Contact Main Boilers company ask for quotation and Main boiler’d specialist today!

All Main boilers are being installed in less than a half a day, all Main Heat Only boilers are ErP compliant and have very low NOx emissions- class 5. All Main boilers are low in weight, very compact- will easily fit into kitchen cupboard and don’t need any special compartment ventilation. The three wire connection guarantees no pump overrun for fast heating and no extra cables are needed. Annual check up is required, but it takes less than 3 hours. Efficiency ratings of all Combi Eco Elite and System Eco Elite models reach ‘A’ level.

If you don’t know which model to choose, follow our recommendation based on your home size and heating/hot water needs:

  • smallest apartment and heating only choose the Main Heat 12 with an output of 12 kW or Main Heat 15 with an output 15 kW
  • standard apartments/ small houses and heating only choose the Main Heat with an output of 18 kW or Main Heat 24 kW
  • small apartments and both hot water and heating needs choose Main Eco Elite Combi with an output of 25 kW or Main Eco Elite System with an output of 24 kW,
  • standard apartments and houses with the need for both hot water and heating choose Main Eco Elite Combi with an output of 30 kW or Main Eco Elite System with an output of 28 kW,

Advantages of replacing your old boiler for boilers

  1. Fast installation and service
  2. Good price for the quality provided
  3. The three wire connection guarantees no pump overrun, no extra cables needed
  4. Manual and digital diagnostics
  5. Up to 5 years guarantee
  6. Fair variety of outputs being good choice for any small, standard and even big houses
  7. Fast installation and service
  8. You can order Main Solar thermal heating solution providing even more savings on energy usage than a standard gas boiler

We have estimated that the price of the new Main boiler will return in lower gas bills within 1.5-2 years. However if your old boiler is already breaking, price of new boiler will return even faster. What’s more you won’t have to face uncomfortable situation of not having a heating in the middle of winter. If in doubts if your old boiler can make one more season as for quotation and buy a new Main boiler today!