Main Heat 12 error 160


I have Main Heat Boiler with 12 kW output and it is 5 years old. Till today I had no problem with it, today I realized that it is not working (no heating, no sound, no ignition, noting) and it displays error 160. What’s wrong? Should I restart?



Hi Ryan,

An error 160 is a serious one and most probably you should contact as specialist. Following connections should be checked- all fan and PCB – X2 across terminals 5 & 7. Keeping it simple replace fan & replace PCB. That should help.

Main System Eco HE boiler pressure too high


I have a Main Combi Eco 25, and it constantly displays “pressure to high” error. How can I repair it myself?


Hi Jack

All work perfomed on boilers should be done by GasSafe Registered personnel. In your case person will most probably turn off and isolate the boiler, remove the expansion vessel, empty it completely and finally recharge vessel using a compressor up to around 0.8-1 bar. Re-assemble and do all the checks


Main Mersey Super makes very loud noise

Hi Folks,

I have a bit of a problem with my Main Mersey Super multipoint water, very often it makes very loud noise. It is so loud I can hear it on the second floor. I don’t think it is normal as when it was installed I could hardly hear it. What might be causing the problem?


Hi Dan

It looks to me that your automatic valve is causing this problem. How old your boiler is? If it is still under warranty give it back if not you can always replace automatic valve.

Main Eco Elite System 28 fails igniting

Hi All,

My Main Eco Elite System 28 fails igniting. I happened for the first time around 3 weeks ago, but on the beginning it looked like “slow starting”, then boiler failed for start up several times, now it doesn’t start at all. Each time I reset the boiler and it helps most of the times, just I can’t believe that this is the real solution. Does anyone have an idea what’s may be wrong?

Best Regards


Hi Oscar,

You didn’t include in your description error message displayed in red when boiler fails. In cases when the display shows ‘flame failure’ lights up. If yes then safety thermostat and burner will need to be replaced. Also some basic gas/water/electricity checks should be done. Honestly saying it looks like a big job, so contact boiler specialist rather than do it yourself

Main Combi 24 HE luke water


I have an issue with my Main Combi boiler. It is 24 HE model and instead of providing hot it provides very luke warm water. On the top of it I can see that boiler itself is pretty heavily leaking from the bottom. What is wrong? Can I repair it myself?



Hi Jack

Your problem can be easily resolved by replacing flow switch. You don’t have to drain system to do this, however if you have no experience with boiler parts replacement it is better if you call for boiler specialist

Main Eco 30 Combi boiler no heating

Hi All

I have a Main Eco 30, it is a Combi boiler and central heating doesn’t work (hot water works normally). It worked fine last season. It is fitted with a wireless thermostat, and it looks for me that it receives the signal… but then all happens is some clicking noises and pump tries to power up- but no success. Can someone help me?


Hi Tim

It looks like you have a problem with either the diverter valve or the thermostat itself. For replacing diverter valve you will need to call a local gas safe person. It’s not one of do-it-yourself tasks.


Promax Combi HE Plus- error 119


My Promax Combi HE Plus shows error 119. Does anyone know what the issue is and how to fix it?



Hi Mark,

It is a common error, it appears each time your boiler’s primary water pressure is lower than 0.5 bar. To fix it you need to re-pressurize the system, optimal pressure starts at around 1-1.5 bar. Don’t forget to reset the boiler after you finished.