Main Combi 24 HE boiler no pilot light

Hello All,

I have purchased and installed a Main Combi 24 HE boiler three years ago. The boiler is giving me a tough time from last two days. I am unable to understand the actual reason behind it. The main combi boiler has no pilot light. The boiler works for a few minutes as I restart it. However, it is not an ultimate solution. Someone please help me



Hi Robinson, if the problem with your Main combi 24 HE boiler is the lack of a flame detection then, you have to take it seriously. There are several potential ins and outs behind this issue however; most probably, it is because of a jammed pilot jet. On the other hand, it is difficult to diagnose this problem effortlessly. Therefore, it is better to call a skilled Main boiler engineer & ask him to dismantle your boiler for cleaning the pilot jet. He will be in a better position to check the boiler in detail.