Main ECO 30 Combi boiler’s faulty gas controller

Hi Guys,

I desperately need your help in order to fix a problem, which my three years old Main ECO 30 combi boiler is having now days. The gas controller of the Main ECO 30 Combi boiler is not responding and just because of that reason, I am not having the gas. Please guide me that what should I do?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Mark, the sole purpose of the boiler’s gas controller is to manage and control the required flow of the gas, which is coming to the boiler’s pilot light and burner. From time to time, the gas controller shows some problems and thus, it failed to work properly. The some common reasons behind the faulty or defective gas controller are as follows:

  1. Seized or congested
  2. Faulty or damaged unit
  3. Different unforeseen problems in the boiler’s wirings and connections
  4. Faulty PCB

It is advised to call a Main boiler’s engineer for instant help