Main Eco Elite System 28 noisy pipes

Hello Everybody,

My three years old Main Eco Elite 28 system is producing the weird banging sounds. When I checked the boiler, I came to know that pipes are producing these sounds. After several unsuccessful attempts at fixing the problem, I am here to seek advice.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Ellen, this problem originates due to the presence of several reasons, which usually arise when your boiler overheats frequently such as:

  1. Jammed chimney
  2. Sludge buildup
  3. Damaged thermostat
  4. Insufficient amount of water in your boilerÂ

The best way out is to get the Main Eco boiler serviced on a regular basis. Apart from this, as it is impossible for you to fix this problem at home therefore, do call a skilled boiler engineer for detailed examination.Â