Main Mersey Super boiler frozen condensate pipes

Hello Everyone,

I have a Main Mersey Super boiler, which is nearly four years old. From last few days, I doubt that the condensate pipes of the boiler are frozen. Due to this, the boiler is not working properly. Someone please help me to fix this issue and make the boiler work again properly.

Thank you so much


Hi Rebeca,

Generally, the purpose of the condensate pipe is to transport water to the drain outside. It simply means that because of its location condensate pipe is at a chance of freezing out throughout the extreme weather conditions. It is recommended to check the boiler regularly in colder months. Well, for fixing the problem you have to pour the warm water on the condensate pipe to thaw out all the frozen water slowly. Nevertheless, if you feel unsure or unqualified feel free to contact a proficient Main boiler’s engineer.