Main Mersey Super boiler’s expansion tank is not working


Someone please help me regarding an issue of the four years old Main Mersey super boiler, which is overflowing continuously from last night. Before this, the boiler was working properly but now, it has stopped working & it becomes difficult for me to fix this issue alone. So, tell me the method of fixing this problem.

Thanks a lot for your kind help


Hi Ben, when the expansion tank leaks water towards outside then, I must say that the boiler’s ballcock is out of order or damaged & it have need of a seal replacement. Nevertheless, firstly you have to check the water, which is coming out of the boiler either it, is hot or cold. If the water is extremely hot then, be cautious because it is a serious problem. You can fix this issue easily by replacing the ballcock seal but with the help of a skilled Main boiler engineer.